Next walk:    2nd September       Bakewell -- Peak District

Details available as of 20th August

Number of places left on the coach    3

Walk Leader(s) Plan/recce report
A Phil From Bakewell goes over to Calton Pastures then onto Calton Lees down to Rowsley then into Stanton in Peak and back into Bakewell over fields from Stanton. About 13 miles.
B Roger 10 mile circular. West to Sheldon Village then North to Monsal Dale, through woods and by the side of the R Weir through the disused railway tunnel at Monsal Head then turning South to Ashford in the Water finally returning to Bakewell. Lots of pubs, tea shops, plenty of shops some selling Bakewell tarts and puddings. Lots of tourists. 1500 ft total ascent.
C David

photo from C walk in July 2012