Walk Weekend Celtic Royal Hotel Caernarvon                      

48 members arrived on the Friday evening looking forward to good walking on the morrow. Unfortunately the

weather intervened Saturday's weather being just about the worst rain we've ever walked in. Hence the

lack of photos.,


All walks centred on Beddgelert in the mistaken hope that the further south and east we got the better the

weather, B- and C led by Roger and Sue followed the same route, one as a linear the other a circular with

such complicated car arrangements that at least 2 people had to return to Caernarvon by bus

B+ didn't try Tryfan and did a circuit of Cwm Buchan but the wet rocks caused one member to slip and

 gash his head nastily. The A group gave up their attempt at Cnicht and also did Cwm Buchan but in the

reverse direction.



Dried off and the evening was great                            
The only thing wet was the alcohol!  
apart from Rog's coffee  

Live music and time to boogie

or chat in the lounge  

                              despite head injuries!!

Sunday dawned bright and sunny. C&B walks headed for Anglesea  
C walked Newborough Warren

 led by Phil Lally

with copious advice from Mike Higgins


straggled along the beach

and up to the lighthouse  
then through the trees and .....

picking sloes!!!

This is supposed to be a

walking group you know!

note to chairman...

oh no there he is at the back


B Group led by Rog and Sue Lewis did a

circular from Moelfre

and wisely kept together to avoid car problems

pausing to study the map...

There's a signpost behind you....Rog has spotted it...

Sue knows the way anyway

Through an iron age village and back to the coast.  
A walk , an intrepid 4, the rest having no dry clothes (whimps) led by John Jones

 did the walk we should have done on Saturday

up, past wild ponies on to Carnedd Daffyd  
The leaders knees started to buckle.....

to Clive's obvious amusement

higher and ever more steeply
until eventually the summit
Next objective Pen yr Ole Wen, in the

foreground with Snowdon behind

then the long descent with many stops to admire the views
and  back to the cars.