2nd February -- Hurst Green, W. Lancs

The B walk was circular, leaving Hurst Green and heading first to Greengore then Crowshaw house. Up through the woods to the high point on Longridge Fell at Spire Hill. Along the wooded ridge dropping down to Turner Fold and High Hodder bridge. Then along the banks of the river Hodder before turning to go through the grounds of Stonyhurst College and back to Hurst Green.
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Brightness over the Hodder valley
Starting the climb up Longridge
Landscape from Game of Thrones
The Hodder
Stoneyhurst College

The A walk followed the path down to Lambing Clough then Trough House then going over the river and on to Aspinalls then we made for Dinckley Grange, and then Park Gate then down hill back to the river where we headed for Dewhurst House then we turned left to Clough Bank then headed for Longridge Road then up to Greengore and into Stonyhurst College and back to the bus.
Lambing Clough Ribble
Alan's had enough already already
The Ribble again
Starling Brook
Stoneyhurst Geese

And finally...

Photos by Phil Cunningham and John Hodgson