April 8th -- Grassington, Yorkshire Dales
Despite warnings of muddy conditions and standing water, conditions turned out to be much better than anticipated especially on the upper fells where the limestone quickly dries out. All 4 walks went ahead as planned. The weather also proved to be better than had been forecast (not for the first time) even the sun making an appearance with a lot of us using the pubs beer gardens. Some were seen with ice creams or sitting outside the tea rooms and a few enjoyed the local shops and boarded the coach with their purchases. Another successful day out!

From Grassington the A walk followed the Dales way to Bycliffe Rd to Kelber down to Yarnbury then Hebden and back along the river.

The B1 walk took the same way out as A's with a moderate climb to Bare House, a partially restored farmhouse - ideal for a short rest. Cross country to Kelber then through a collapsed valley (The Dib) to Conistone (lunch stop), going on to Kilnsey returning through limestone terrain featuring limestone pavement and another steep valley.
Spring comes to Grassington_n Spring in our steps at first despite rough going underfoot_n
Good to be out and about despite the cloudy skies
Couldn't be anywhere except Yorkshire
Limestone pavements,fascinating geological formation with a bit of scrambling for good measure
And the going got rougherAll adds to the excitement
Coming down into Conistone village Conistone Village
More Limestone bluffs
Finally back to Grassington Square to a nice cuppa and apiece of Bakewell tart

The B2 walk went through the village and along the Dales way to Scot Gate Lane and down into Conistone (avoiding the Dib) from there back up to Bastow Wood down to the river and following down the river to Linton Falls and up to the coach park.
Heading down the Dales Way Partly restored lime kiln
Some new locals
Looking down the Dib Conistone village
Approaching Bastow Wood Ghaistrill's Strid
Along the Wharfe Linton Falls

From the car park the C walk went down to the river and followed the Dales Way to Mill Bridge. Crossing over river by using the bridge (too much water for the stepping stones!). From there up the incline to Thorpe Village where we picked up the footpath to Far Langton. Then through the pretty Village of Linton. Down the river to the 12th C church of St Michael's, then crossing the river once again and back to Grassington .

And finally...

Photos by Phil Cunningham, John Hodgson, Bob Jackson, Rick Moxon, Lindsey Page and David Whitehurst