1st July -- Eyam, Derbyshire
Pre-walk briefings.. ..and off we go!

The B+ group started with a climb to the high point of the day, Sir William Hill, at 429m with views of the surrounding valleys. Thence round Jubilee Plantation and on to Stoke Ford. East along the valley to Hazelford and Leam Farm. Then across Eyam Moor and down to the Riley graves and back to Eyam.
Overlooking Bretton Brook

The B- walk set off through the village then headed out SE going through the village of Stoney Middleton to Coombs Dale. A 2 mile walk through this secluded wooded valley took us to a lake (formerly a limestone quarry). Crossing fields and going N we came to the idyllic village of Foolow, then back to Eyam for ice creams and beverages of choice.

The C walk followed a shortened version of the B- walk but anticlockwise.
The Bull's Head in Foolow Well, it is Sunday!
The "Plague Stone", where provisions were left for the stricken village. The holes held vinegar to disinfect money left in payment.

The A walk started with a sharp climb up the wooded slopes to the east of Eyam, then continued along the eastern edge of Eyam moor from Sir William Hill to Hazelford. Then along Highlow Brook and Bretton Clough, down to Foolow (and a swift one) and back to Eyam.
Looking down over Eyam
Eyam Moor
Cake Stop
Meeting B+ near Highlow Brook
Relaxed lunch Tony looks longingly at the pub we didn't visit
Foolow pond..
..and chapel The next pub..
..was not resisted

And finally...

Photos by Adele Cuff-Keenan, Phil Cunningham, John Hodgson, Lindsey Page and David Whitehurst