2nd September -- Bakewell, Derbyshire
Good turnout (just one unfilled seat on coach), sparkling weather, 4 newcomers, excellent walking, crowded pub... What more could you want!

The A walk went from Bakewell to Calton Pastures then onto Calton Lees down to Rowsley then into Stanton in Peak and back into Bakewell over fields from Stanton. Or, that was the idea: an unplanned split left the rearguard taking a different route, ending with a long trudge along the A6. A reminder we all need to pay attention to who's in front and who's behind; especially in big groups.
Mmwah to you too!
Across Calton Pastures
Lees Moor Wood
"Now where did I put that cake?"
River Derwent
St Katherine's Rowsley
Picnic by Rowsley Mill Enjoying a nip of malt, cheers Colin!
Stanton Woodhouse Farm
Waiting to see if the split can rejoin the main group
Shiningbank Quarry
Reunion, finally, on the edge of Bakewell!

From Bakewell the B walk headed west to Sheldon Village then North to Monsal Dale, through woods and by the side of the R Weir through the disused railway tunnel at Monsal Head then turning South to Ashford in the Water finally returning to Bakewell.
Lower Farm Sheldon
By the Wye.. ..in Deepdale
Monsal Head
View from viaduct Monsal Trail
Emerging from the Headstone Tunnel
Romantic.. ..Padlocks

The 'C' walk was linear starting at the village of Taddington, heading off across the fields to to Dove Dale and the River Wye. Then following the river before joining the Monsal Trail at Monsal Head. The trail is the old rail track route and we follow it for several miles before turning once again to the fields for the final leg into Bakewell.
The Chairman leads a tricky descent!
Picnic by the Wye
Monsal Dale weir
In the Headstone tunnel

And finally...

Photos by Dawn Collins, Phil Cunningham, John Hodgson and David Whitehurst