March 5th -- Llanddulas, N Wales
Steady drizzle all day, but at least no wind and not too cold

Photos from C walk

and from the A walk:
Phil trys his new wet weather poopbagwear All that investment in waterproofs pays off .. (almost) universal glee Crossing Afon Gele
Up through Tower Hill woods
You want cake, Yes Cream elevenses prepped in handy bus shelter!
John proves you can have your cake and eat it.
Hey ho, its the waterproof crew.
That pub looks a bit tempting.. ..and we can resist anything except temptation!
The navigators at work Unscheduled pub visit did wonders to raise soggy spirits
The locals knew how to stay dry
All together now....Aaaahh
Rain rain go away! There's even a dusting of snow on the hills
Rhyd y Foel
Down through the woods to cross the Dulas river "The sea, the sea!"
"The pub, the pub!"

And finally...
Smiles galore despite the soggy day Warm and dry at last

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Derek Hesketh, John Hodgson and Bob Jackson