September 3rd -- Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria
A surprisingly good day out, the forecast rain staying away to the West all day.

The C walk started following the River Eden and then cutting accross to Lockthwiate and Nateby, thence towards Kirkby Stephen station and going further west coming back to KS via KS intake and round the back of the cattle market.
Looking back to Kirkby Stephen The river Eden
Coffee stop at Nateby Ooops!
Lunch stop Freindly Natives (we hoped!)

The A walk started over Frank's Bridge then passing Hartley Quarries and over Hartley Fell and onto Rollinson Haggs then onto Nine Standards Rigg returning by Ladthwaite and Nateby
Frank's Bridge Off we go all energised
Scone time equals happy faces
Alan wonders if its too soon for his lunch strop so soon after a scone All in a line
One of the Nine Standards cairns
The Nine Standards trig point
Rough stuff
Sticky Fingers Phil
Apt cautionary sign
Nearly there -- Honest!

The B walk was a 10 mile circular going out in NE direction intending to climb over Long Rigg & Little Long Rigg Scars but diverted by potential bull to the lower Fell Lane. Then through Ladthwaite and Lockthwaite, South to Mire Close Bridge. Good finishing stretch to Wharton Hall, the Millennium Bridge in Stenkrith followed by a stretch on a disused railway line which includes going over two viaducts, finally back into Kirkby Stephen via Hartley.
The start and end of the walk, Frank's Bridge. Also known as Corpse Bridge as it is here coffins were carried to Kirkby Stephen, across the Eden, from outlying villages.
Great views across to Wolf Fell
Oh dear, that wasn't there when Roger reccied the walk!
Surprisingly no-one volunteered to check out if it was a real or virtual Bull: so consult the map for an alternative route. Black Beauty and his pal seemed to think we were fair game to chase!
Sue Lewis was public spirited and rang Crosby Ramblers (who were walking much of the same route) to give Bull Avoiding Directions! Welcome lunch stop
Then on we go skirting around Long Rigg. Excellent beer and beer garden at the Nateby Inn.. .. where we had a little visitor, a vole?!
Final three miles along the old railway track ... a very pleasant walk
The trail ends through Skenrith Park where the river is surprisingly low
We look down from the bridge into the Devil's Grinding Hole
And back to Kirkby Stephen
Kirkby Stephen Parish Church. Unusually it is used for worship by both Anglicans and Roman Catholics. A beautiful old building, reputedly built on the site of a Saxon church.
..and other photogenic spots around the town:
Is this that elusive bull?
Doorway to a secret garden perhaps?
Kirkby Stephen is on the Coast to Coast path, devised by Alfred Wainwright A stone set in the paving of the Cloisters commemorates the doyen of Fell Wanderers

And finally...

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Derek Hesketh, Bob Jackson, Rick Moxon and Lindsey Page