4th June -- Buxton, Derbyshire
Some sun and some sharp showers (especially for the As)

The A and B walks both started out at the Shady Oak
and headed down into the Goyt valley
queuing up together at the first stile
Down in the valley the routes parted and the As climbed up to Windgather Rocks
along the ridge to Pym Chair and on to
Shining Tor Cheshire Plain and Shutlingsloe
One for the caption competition ..

After parting from the As, the Bs
headed up the Goyt valley past Fernilee reservoir where the first drops of rain were felt
past the weir between the reservoirs and on to
Goyt's Clough and a very well appointed picnic spot: benches for everyone!
This lot specialy well provided for Then across the curlews' moors
Solomon's Temple (or Grinlow Tower) a Victorian folly (with some late Elizabethan jokers..)
view from inside Buxton, not so far now

The C walk started from the park in the centre of Buxton. over the golf course and up gradually to the moors then descending through a country park back into Buxton.
with some steady climbing
to a sight of the Cat and Fiddle

And finally...
Testing testing what IS this stuff!?

Photos by Phil Cunningham, John Hodgson and Bob Jackson