4th July -- The Roaches, Staffs
Fewer than 30 walkers today (but two coaches to complicate life for the newbie organisers!) However we managed not to loose anyone. All the walks took in the spectacular Roaches limestone ridge with its 360 views and jutting boulders. Mainly sunny apart from a sharp shower around 4 pm.

The C walk started from Tittesworth Reservoir followed Whitty Lane to Upper Hulme, then picked up the footpath to Dains Mill. Then round the foot of Hen Cloud, and following the footpath up to the Roaches enscarpment ana along to its N end at Bearstone Rock. Back then through the little hamlets of Roche Grange, Greenland ending up in the Lazy Trout at Meerbrook.
Ready for anything!
Creepy watchman at ?Dains Mill
Round the back
of Hen Cloud
The path from Hen Cloud to the Roaches
Look how far we've come!
Strategic ice cream van and unplanned meeting of all three walks!
Roaches from Tittesworth valley Here comes the rain

The B walk was a figure-of-eight (cunningly allowing two visits to the ice cream van) up the Tittesworth valley then a loop through the forest via Luds Church and back along the Roaches.
Looking back down the Tittesworth valley First visit..
Down to the forest.. and through
the woods
Lud's Church
The leader poses
before lunch
The meeting Up to the Roaches
After the storm

The A walkers were dropped off in Rushton Spencer and followed the lovely Dane Valley Way to Gradbach Wood, then climbed through the woods to the ridge and along the Roaches. The plan included a visit to Hen Cloud, but the gathering actual clouds caused a rethink and the Bs and As walked together across the valley to Meerbrook.
There's a path in there somewhere! That's a better path
The Dane's weirs.. ..were admired
Carol's Homemade Lemon Drizzle cake went down a treat On the Dane Valley Way
Something for everybody on this walk..
..including the dog!
Slopeing off for lunch (geddit?) Nancy's sticking with her proper cup
Time for lunch and pants changing Ways to go
Through the woods and out into a familiar landscape
And here's some familiar faces The A team resists temptation with an impressive display of willpower
Up to The Roaches
Impressive scenery Top of the Roaches
Watering Hole (Doxey Pool)
How handy, a nice seat! A steep descent
Tony suprisingly loses the posing coming down a hill competition A lovely sunny day has a wee blip

And finally...
Well earned pints

Photos by Derek Hesketh, Bob Jackson and John Hodgson