October 4th -- Haworth, Yorkshire Dales
A fittingly gloomy start to a day on the Bronte Moors, brightening up nicely in the afternoon
Widdop reservoir
Where did you say we were..
Walshaw Dean Reservoirs
Walkers 2nd Climb- A fine bunch of As..
..and Phil Top Withens
Well...brings in the tourists ha
Happy People
Nice View .. Nice hat!!
Heat Haze! Phonebox & library in one
Busmans holiday for Clive Oxenholm Station on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Still smiling after all these miles..

The C walk started from Haworth car park , over Haworth Moor to the Bronte Falls and Bridge and then along Scar Hill to the Pennine Way path and back to Haworth with a very brief stop in Stanbury to admire the local hostelry.
Looking for Heathcliff? Disciplined sheep "After you Sean..."
Pitstop at Stanbury

Brian's B walkers started the village of Wycoller using Bronte Way then passing Watersheddies and Ponden Reservoirs. Next taking a Southerly route to Bronte Bridge and finally into Haworth on the Bronte Way passing Lower Laithe Reservoir and going through Penistone Country Park.
On the packhorse bridge in Wycollar
Cane weaving demonstrations being held at Wycollar Hall Look Ma, no hands!
Piece of cake!
Not lost yet, then.. -
..still not lost.. After our lunch stop the sun came out and we had great views across the moorlandisit
"Westward look, the land is bright!" Haworth

And finally...
Helen always wanted to be a cowgirl..
Anyone seen a green bus with a squirrel on it?

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Jeremy Haworth, Brian Johnson, Sue Lewis and David Whitehurst