March 2nd -- Greenfield, Greater Manchester

The A walk headed SE out of Greenfield, along the Oldham Way towards Chew Reservoir returning along the high level path across Hoarstone Edge.
As inconspicuous as ever.. ..he's not with us!
The obelisk from across the valley
Dovestone from the Oldham Way
Dovestone from Hoarstone Edge
Rainclouds gather

Roger's B+ group walked up the West side of Dovestone reservoir..
..crossing by the Yeoman Hey dam
and climbing the series of weirs
to the East A pause for lunch
then on to Great Dovestone Rocks
the big cairn and the big summit shot

The B- walk started northwards along the west flank of Dick Hill
Looking down on Heathfields, in the Thame Valley
Old mill building at Pob Green
Coming back after a wrong turn by Slades Rocks
and over Dick Hill tothe rocks at Alderman's Brow .. which made a spectacular
(but rather windy) picnic spot
Then on to the obelisk war memorial
heading down to Dovestone, and round Yeoman Hey reservoir,
past the cold, grey waters of Greenfield reservoir
returning through the drizzle past Dovestone reservoir again

Rick and Pam took their C group anti-clockwise around Dovedale reservoir then along the Oldham Way around the foot of Alderman's Brow and up to the obelisk; stopping for lunch in a sheltered quarry on the way and meeting the B- group on the way .
Bunny ears... but where's the bunny?

And finally to the Clarence..
where the boss was clearly much happier.. ..than when she worked in Paris!

Photos by Phil Cunningham, John Hodgson, Colin Jacobs, Linda Lennon, Gill Thompson and Diana Young