5th January -- Chipping, Bowland, Lancs

The 'C' group walked out of Chipping in a North Easterly direction, to Park Gate,Dinkling Green Farm, Whitemore and then New Laund Hill for lunch. The return took us through Fair Oak Farm ,Knot Hill and eventually back to Chipping in ever increasing rain. There we were forced to seek shelter in various local establishments !

The B+ walk did a circuit via Doeford Bridge, up the east code of the Hodder valley to Whitewell, then -- cautiously -- across the stepping stones and back across to Chipping via Fair Oak and Knot Hill.
Shepherds' warning (but pretty) The road goes ever onward...
and here's why we're on the road
The Hodder at Doeford Bridge Grand house and grounds at Middle Lees
David's C walkers spotted on the other side of the Hodder valley The Whitewell stepping stones
where we picnicked
Hello sailor! I think I'm worth a closer look!!
Greystoneley woods
Tarn on Knot Hill
Leagram Brook

Pics from the A walk
One stick-in-the-mud Another stick-in-the-mud
and a tightrope walker!

And finally...
Things get a bit hazy at this stage

Photos by Phil Cunningham, John Armstrong, John Hodgson and David Whitehurst