6th June -- Castleton, Peak District
A great day's walking, with the threatened rain holding off until late afternoon.

The 'C ' group walked out from Castleton to Hollins Cross and then along Barker Bank to Loosehill Farm and lunch. From their they walked through Hope, before taking to the meadows alongside Peakshole Water on the return to Castleton.

B- walk

B+ walk

A walk
Welcome to Narnia
Selfie time
Cow Carol keen on, no so keen on Carol!
Fancy cows (Belted Galloways)
Lovely lunchtime views and cheeky butty loving sheep
Its behind you! Lunchtime selfie [That's enough now, Derek - unless you've got the Queen behind you!]
A very relaxing lunch

And finally...

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Jeremy Haworth, Derek Hesketh, Diana Young, Linda Lennon, Sue Lewis, Bob Jackson, John Hodgson and David Whitehurst