June 1st -- Caldbeck, Cumbria
Almost Summer at last!

The C group went east from Caldbeck through Parson's Park then through Hesket Newmarket and Nether Row to Potts Gill. Back through Fell Side, Braithwaite and Whelpo.
Early in the walk and group stil looking fresh 'ish' This incline feels more like a hill!
Is it something I said! Taking a breather by some woolly acquantences
Welcome lunch! On the hill rather than over it!
Cute! Bridge over untroubled waters
A litttle horsing around Final descent and pub bound

Just one B walk this time: west from Caldbeck along the beck to Whelpo, then head south towards Low Pike. A steepish climb up from Potts Gill to the disused mine, then head east across the lower slopes of Low Pike, then back via Wood Hall, Hesket Newmarket and Parson's Park.
Picture-book cottages and a bit of industrial archaeology
Flowery meadows along Whelpo Beck
Everbody loves..
..a pony
Congestion in the chicane
another dire warning
Bonus pub stop at the cooperatively run Old Crown at Hesket Newmarket

Derek (welcome back!) took the A team up High Pike across to Carrock, then down via Hesket Newmarket & the Cumbria Way conveniently finishing an inch in front of the bar at the Oddfellows Arms in Caldbeck.
Shaun practising his post pub walk False summit number 42
Another Primark moment from the Coolest Dude on the fells Group Selfie
Post Climb & lunch smiles (and Shauns sorted his legs out) Tony celebrates not falling in the river like he did last time at Caldbeck with yet another Primark pose
Happy Faces How Big!
Marching boldly on Too hot to handle for some
This way to the pub WelL fancy that...a pub...with familiar faces too!
Like true explorers, we checked out the interior Theres always one...but which one
We found this local couple fixing this style..good on them Oddfellows in Caldbeck
Well deserved refreshments It had been a very smiley day.

Photos by Jeremy Haworth, Derek Hesketh, Colin Jacobs, Linda Lennon and Jenni Visser