6th January -- Rivington reservoirs, Lancs
A couple of snaps from the C-walk recce:
So that's how they do the recces! Big weir (see cleverly posed person for scale)
The 'C' group's walk was from Rivington Barn ,
past the reservoirs
to Lead Mines Clough, and from there to
White Coppice for lunch. ( Looking at the expressions on the faces of the people in the photograph, it might as well have been the waiting room for some primitive dentist ! )
From there they walked on through the hamlet
and up onto Healy Nab,
before turning homeward, via Rivington Barn, where they 'sampled' the coffee and cake. Survey completed they continued up to the hall to sample the chips in a basket and various liquid refreshments.

Judging by Diana's photos, Roger's B+ walk somehow seemed to avoid all the misty bits. They headed up to Anglezark Moor via Lead Mine Clough, along Limestone Brook, then on to Round Loaf. From there to Dean Black Brook, then along the footpath to White Coppice, and S via edge of Reservoirs back to Rivington.

The A group set out northwards up the east side of the reservoirs
A cold, but sunny start along the lower reservoir.
Coffee stop
Along the Anglezark reservoir
At the White Coppice end of the reservoirs three mutineers chose to take an unofficial way up to the moor .. the prodigals return as the mist gathers
and thickens and thickens some more
still misty on Winter Hill and on the way back towards Rivington Pike
Mountain rescue on training view through the arches of the Rivington Pigeon Tower
A final dose of mud, leading to the bikers' barn

And finally...just one photo inside the barn

Photos by Bob Jackson, Diana Young, Phil Cunningham, David Whitehurst and John Hodgson