9th June -- Monyash, Peak District
A glorious sunny day. Both the B walks and the C walk did a circuit to the east of Monyash including a walk along Lathkill Dale. The C walk went as far as the footbridge below Over Haddon: the B walks added an extra loop through Over Haddon and down to Conksbury Bridge. The C walk and half the B walkers (led from the back by John H) did this anticlockwise (out along the Limestone Trail from Monyash and back to Monyash along Lathkill Dale), the other B group (Roger's) went the other way around.
This set of photos follows the C walk route, with pictures from all three groups.
A meadow near Monyash Residents of One Ash Grange farm yard
where the C's took an early ice cream break with strange effects on some people!
Roger's group start their final climb from the bottom of Cales Dale Earlier, John's group start the descent into Cales Dale
Across the upland meadows
Both B groups enjoyed an ice cream too
Over Haddon in the distance
More flower-strewn meadows and distant fields
The path down
into Lathkill Dale and the riverside path
back towards Monyash
Further up the Dale opens out
The Cs take a final break

The B's extra loop climbed up from the river
past a fair field full of ... buttercups to the Lathkill Hotel, where Roger's clockwise Bs
and John's anti-clockwise Bs took a break
From here the path gave great views down into the Dale
and across to Youlgrave
then down a steep path to
Conksbury Bridge
Looking downstream
Roger's Bs head back upstream to picnic by the river
as did John's Bs

Flowers were everywhere
Including the rare "Jacob's Ladder"
A pretty display of everyday flowers...

The A walk dropped off in the middle of nowhere (which turns out to be quite close to Buxton)
The middle of nowhere - and John's losing his head aleady Looking back to the Cat 'n' Fiddle
Helen gets to grips with the technology A new squeeze for Alan?
Chrome Hill
Lunch on top of Chrome Hill Looking forward to Parkhouse Hill

Refreshment all round..

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Diana Young, Jeremy Haworth, John Hodgson, Colin Jacobs and Pam Moxon