11th August -- Hartington, Peak District
A fine sunny day. All walks were linear from various points on the A523, and headed North up the river Dove (A, B- and C) or the river Manifold (B+). No photos so far from B- or C walks.

The B+ walk followed the Manifold Way -- not a labyrinthine Buddhist path to enlightenment, but a cycle track along the route of the former Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway. In its time this railway was, according to the AA "one of England's most picturesque white elephants".
Preparing for the ascent to..
..Thor's cave
View from the cave
The entrance Taking it in
Back on track
by the river at Wetton Mill

The A walk started near Calton and walked East to the Southern end of Dovedale, then followed the Dove Northwards to Hartington
St Mary's, Calton
Beautifully coordinated leg-overs!
"A" Party People Busy ahead
Congestion on the famous Dovedale stepping stones
another cave
Another Dale
Yet-Another Dale Walkies?
Milldale Breather Nearly_There Dale -
PicturesqueDale The Human Heron - in Isaac Walton's (and Charles Cotton's) footsteps

Around Hartington and in the "Charles Cotton"

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Diana Young, Colin Jacobs, John Hodgson and Derek Hesketh