12th May -- Dent, Cumbria
A damp, dank, dingy day with photos to match...
The C group walk headed toward the Barbon Rd, west of Dent. There they continued along the lower slopes of Middleton fell, before dropping down into Dentdale and the River Dee. Crossing the river, the return leg passed via Helmside and the lower slopes of North Lord's Land, decending to the river bank finising on the Dales way for the final stretch back to Dent. Distance, about 8 miles.
Smiling through!

The B- walk headed eastwards down the Dee valley towards Whernside Manor, we climbed up the beginning of the Craven Way then branched off toward Laithbank. Lunch was taken by Hackergill Farm and we turned back towards Dent along the Dales Way then crossing to the other side of the valley and walk a low contour path back to Dent on the north side of the Dee Valley.
"Admiring".. ..the view down Dentdale from the Craven Way
Across the Dee
Some lively alpacas
Wot? I think this is my best side...
More shaggy beasts A gleam of sun?
Dent from across the valley
The Dee below Dent

The B+ walk was a 9.5 mile circular walk with total ascent 1500+ft. Starting with a steep climb from Dent village up Flinter Gill to Green Lane (track) giving access to a superb high level walk with extensive - but misty views - of Dentdale and Deepdale. The downhill return down through Deepdale Valley, finishing with a gentle stroll along the River Dee.

The A walk did a clockwise circuit of about 13 miles, starting west up the Dee valley, then along the Craven Way, south to Whernside, High Pike and along the Green Lane overlooking Deepdale, returning to Dent by Flinter Gill
The cobbled streets .. .. of Dent
A contrast in styles
and another!
Comparatives: damp,
damper, dampest!

In the George and Dragon..

Photos by Phil Cunningham, John Hodgson, David Whitehurst and Diana Young