February 3rd -- Barley, Lancs
The A walk was a circular from Barley. Up to Pendle's summit then across to Nick of Pendle, returning via Sabbden and Newchurch in Pendle.
Misty muster.. When's lunch?
Upwards into the mist we go Quick rest near the top
Misty mountain
The Pendle Hill Gurning championship Winners show of their skills Nooo pics! frizzy hair concerns
With missing views the A's resorted to watch the birdie
A rare bit of view
All downhill now Heading back through the lush valley
Ramblers just can't resist a trig point photo shoot Trigpoint excitement led to some erratic pointing
Steady Tiger! Witch way now (or "When shall we three meet again?")

The 'B' group walked out to Aitken Wood with it's Wood Sculpture Trail, en route to Black Moss Reservoir and Pendle Hill.
Bee-hived glade Starting the climb through Aitken woods
past natural.. and un-natural scuptures
The Quakers' founding father and two hangers-on
Arriving at the foot of Pendle, the main group gave the hill a miss, as conditions didn't warrant the climb, though a small splinter group of 'Hardy Souls' led by Diana went for it, rejoining the main group later on.
The valley party sets off along the lower contours of Pendle
while the summit party make it to the top
The rest of us traversed the lower level towards Upper Ogden reservoir
With a celebration picnic for Steve's big birthday
Overflow of Upper Ogden reservoir Pendle's top still in the cloud
up through Fell Wood where the summiteers rejoined the main group
and onward to Newchurch before returning to Barley. Here,deciding it was too early to sit in the pub, some of the group returned to Aitken Wood for further investigation of the Wood Sculpture Trail, before finally heading back to Barley and the Inn.
On the second pass through the sculpture wood

The C walk headed from Barley towards Pendle Hill, skirted the base of the hill towards Upper Ogden Reservoir, past the Reservoir climbed through Fell Wood to Newchurch in Pendle (famous for its C17 witches), then back to Barley.
A bridge - so soon!
Across the.. .. lower slopes of Pendle
Upper Ogden reservoir
Lower Ogden reservoir
Lunch in Newchurch
Strange how often there's three of 'em Careful Peter...!
Last bridge of the day
Frisky police horse
Brightening sky


And finally...
A warm & welcome sight post walk
Even the pub was misty
A rare pic of Phil without a glass in hand Thats more like it - Phil in familiar pose
The snug

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Derek Hesketh, John Hodgson, Bob Jackson, Colin Jacobs, David Whitehurst and Diana Young