4 March -- Whalley, Lancs
A rather cold drizzly start, but the weather steadily improved through the day, ending up with a pleasant sunny evening

The C walk started from Whalley Abbey
and headed NW towards the River Calder just past Hacking Hall Then around the bounds of Brockhall Village
and across the low lying land between the Langhos
before climbing to the ridge of higher land between Langho and Whalley for a muddy lunch stop
A great view of the railway viaduct
Looking up the Calder to the weir Whalley Bank from the High Street

The B walks shared much the same route.
Both headed east from Whalley up Clerk Hill where the B+ group split off for a 2-mile detour via the radio mast on Wiswell Moor
Lunch by the Calder
start of the climb towards Bowley Hill and Dean Clough reservoirs
The leader poses... Whalley and its weir from Whalley Bank
The weir again

Now the B- version
Hoods up for a cold drizzly start
But signs of spring in the hedgerows
You can see a dusting of snow on Pendle
Bowley Hill

The A walk started in Downham just north of Pendle Hill and did a linear walk back over Pendle to Sabden and then to Whalley
Looks like more than a dusting close up!
Heading down Ogden Clough
Tony ringing for help?
Outside the White Hart in Sabden
Up the hill out of Sabden
There's the viaduct - must be nearly there
Whalley Abbey

Home from home...
Fashion parade (well, perhaps not right at the back...)

Photos by Phil Cunningham, Bob Jackson, John Hodgson, Sue Jacobs, David Whitehurst and Diana Young