29th April -- Tideswell, Peak District
Wet, wet, wet cold windy and miserable all day. And did I mention it was wet?...
All three walks shared sections of route through the criss-crossing dales south of Tideswell.

The Bs and Cs were dropped off in the centre of Tideswell

The 'C-' group walked west to the Limestone Way before dropping down into Miller's Dale, emerging At Cressbrook. There taking the higher route out and across the fields to Litton and Tideswell.
Symphony in C-walk pastel...
Climbing up the side of Miller's Dale to join the Monsal Trail Looking across Miller's Dale
The "cathedral of the Dales", built from the profits of the wool trade and one of its earliest inhabitants

The B walk did a circular route heading west from Tideswell to Wormhill then turning south
and fillowing the stream to the railway viaduct near Wormhill Springs
on the Monsal Trail
Cressbrookdale's tricky footbridge.. ..and scary stepping stones
Ken in the stocks at Litton.. ..only happy when he has an audience!

The A walk were dropped off on the A623 about 3 miles NW of Tideswell, where the Limestone Way crosses the road, and followed the this track...
Cheerfully well wrapped up. . "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing" spaceman Tony never has the wrong clothing!
through Hay Dale
and Peter Dale
Lunch in the mines of Mordor (otherwise known as the Monsal trail)
Loop of the river by Cressbrook
Climbing up to Monsal Head, Alan reduced to wearing socks over his gloves!
Green fields and dry stone walls on the final stretch to Tideswell after close on 15 miles and 3000 feet of ascent (that's three-quarters of the way up Ben Nevis...)

Finally at the George Hotel (and Derek's birthday party...)
Don't ask...

Photos by Bob Jackson, Phil Cunningham, David Whitehurst, John Hodgson and Colin Jacobs