5th August -- Appleby, Cumbria
The "A" walkers did a long trek up to High Cup Nick and back via the Pennine Way...
Wo ist die butty Haltestelle? The Abba tribute band wasn't quite what we had expected!
Lunch is but a scramble away
Carol surveys her Kingdom

This must be lunch now!
Exceedingly good lunch spots with the A team
A well earned relax
Breathtaking views
Heading back on the Pennine Way
Alan Horsing about (with Olympic themed double skulls joke) In shady, green pastures, so rich and so sweet,

The 'B' group walked a circuit to the NW of Appleby via Dufton

This month the 'C' group walked over to Rutter Force via Hoff, where lunch turned out to be a rather wet affair. They then headed off in the direction of Grt Ormside before crossing to Burrells Moor , the river , and on to Appleby.

The photographer developed a strange fixation with bridges...

Photos by Bob Jackson, Colin Jacobs, Derek Hesketh , David Whitehurst, Diana Young and John Hodgson