6 February -- Loggerheads, North Wales
The day got off to a bad start

-- Caffi Florence was closed...
but there was general relief when the cafe (sorry, Caffi) offered early access to their (limited) loo space
The A, B+, and C walks all followed circuits around the line of wooded hills running south from the Loggerheads centre on the east of river Alyn.

The B- group's walk headed out out of Loggerheads on the other side of the river
and up onto the slopes of Moel Famau and the Clywd Forrest,
before cutting across to the flanks of Foel Fenili and down to cross the river at Four Crosses
and head north on the return leg through the woods to Loggerheads.

Thoroughly relieved the B+ walk sets out, ably led by Rog and Sue (who can do it with her eyes closed!)
Through the woods

with views across the valley to Moel Famau
Starting the main climb up Bryn Alyn
approaching the tops
then down past the quarry at Pant-du

Lunch perched on rocks

Abandoned farm house with surprisingly sound roof (good Welsh slate-work!)

Picturesque botany corner

Looking back on Maeshafn from the climb up to Moel Findeg

...Or like stout Cortez, when with eagle eyes

He stared at the Pacific - and all his men

Look'd at each other with a wild surmise -

Silent, upon a peak in Darien.

Picture-book farm
More horses

and characteristic limestone features...

the Romans may have laid out the road, but not the track through the woods!

John and Phil led the C walk
Come on, where are you ?!
Green valleys to delight Tom Jones
Quick breather
Lunch in the woods (room on my log for three...)
An early frog sighting, Spring must be round the corner
Nearly there

Last but not least, the A walk lead by Clive

Sounds Familiar

(and haven't we seen this before?)

Any ideas anyone?
Friendly goat with neat depth of field handling
Muddy hell!
Cows blocking path
Cows still blocking path
Getting back down after Cow diversion
Stooping to new lows!
No Mud!
Are you sure the route doesn't go to the bar!
Inquisitive Locals
Chocolate river mmmmmmm
Lots of water

The essential object of the day was fulfilled at the 'We three Loggerheads' Inn, named after three feuding brothers from the Colomendy Estate.

The fruits of Bob Jackson's research on the origins of "at loggerheads" can be enjoyed here

Happily, no signs of loggerheading among those enjoying their deserved refreshment
Boozers (but thoughtful)
Bar Proppers (can't get enough of the limelight)
Bar furniture

Photos by David Whitehurst, John Hodgson, Diana Young, Bob Jackson and Derek Hesketh