9 January -- Hurst Green, Lancs
The "C" walk was led by Sue this month, without hesitation, deviation or repetition (or so she says!)
The compulsory "C" walk coffee stop.
Constipated mathematician works it out using logs
The circular walk took her group from Hurst Green up to Longridge Fell, and the highest point Spire Hill (trig point 350m)
The return path took the group through the grounds of Stoneyhurst College.

The first B walk was led by Roger
along the river bank
through the woods
then climbing up Longridge fell with views of Pendle across the valley
a soggy path through the woods
From the summit ridge, fine views towards Dunsop Bridge
and the Forest of Bowland
Down the southern slopes
and as we descended, low sunshine over the Lancashire plain

The A walk was led by John Jones
who likes to keep well ahead of the game...
Despite the sun, there were still thick slabs of ice on the river bank
Some unusual sculptures
After a sunny picnic break it was over the top...

and JJ leads his troop rapidly down hill on the wrong side of the wall...
...and into a flock of apparently giant sheep
Lions led by...

The small B- group's walk was out of the village in a north westerly direction to Low Hill Wood and then on to Longridge Fell .
There dropping down the rear slope into the valley. The return took us to Planetree Farm , Chaigley Hall Wood and on to Kemple End. From this point they headed toward the towers of Stoneyhurst College and it's imposing Buildings.
As usual ,the group took a fair amount of interest in what 'Mother Nature' had to offer and I think at least one of the group found the Fungi to be to her liking.
More formal refreshments were consumed on return to Hurst green....

The A-walk photo team enjoy their reward
leaving only empties behind

Photos by Sue Lewis, Robert Casserley, John Hodgson, Diana Young, Phil Cunningham, Derek Hesketh and David Whitehurst