December 10 to 12              Boot                Eskdale
Two walks were organised, both following the same route at first  
  The climb up Harter fell  
  The Views get better  
  And better  
  the parting of the ways Decision time, B - or C,

 or the haves and the have nots, GPS's that is

  B - walks objective, the summit of Harter Fell  
  Roger's on track! But what 's

happened to the C group?

  Looking back on Eskdale
  Getting steeper  
  Chris takes a break  
  Scafell Pike and Crinkle Crags  
  The Summit!!  
  No details and certainly no pictures are

available to chronicle the fate of the C group.

Rumour has is they wandered  totally lost

through darkening woods until a lonely

 farmhouse was spotted. More rumours

abound of the members of the B- group

racing to the rescue over

icy mountain passes.

All we can say is that as far as we know,

all returned safely, and that a discreet

veil  should be drawn of the whole episode

  " What, how could you get lost round here!"  
All accounted for  the evening commenced
  A bevy of beauties or Hell's Kitchen?!  
  Cordon Bleu meals  
  Good company and a roaring fire
  Conference time . Where are the C group?
  Sunday. a gentle walk to the pub
  Care needed on the slippery bridge!
  Thanks to Lindsey Page for the photos and

most of the text